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The opinions and impacts of movies differ from one person to the other. For me, to be more specific, movies are just an entertainment factor that has the capacity to keep us tight and stuck...

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Movies –A Treat To Your Eyes, Ears, Mind, Soul And The Entire Body

Have we ever thought of why the importance and necessity of entertainment in life has become so very important? These entertainments were there even in the past but the need for it was not felt this badly. The major reason for this in the modern day world is probably the developing and advancing technology that is posing great and challenging jobs to the working population today and it is like the whole week is jam packed wherein the mind and the body is stressed to the maximum and hence requires a break from the regular routine. The most vibrant and common scene today is the flocking of people in the shopping malls, amusement parks, restaurants etc during weekends. And none of these trips end without a movie.

The movie is an all time favorite entertainment and has not failed to entertain each and every member of the family. Yes, we have movies of all kinds and types for all age groups and more than anything else it is a 3.5 or 3 hours much-required break from the maddening rush of the outside world. When you are in a theater watching a movie, you are completely made to forget about the world outside and the influence is so much so that you tend to get deep into the movie and some even get emotional. It is only during the break time or the exit time that we realize that it was a movie; so much so is the reality movies of today`s modern day world offer us. And a point to be noted here is that there are movies getting released every weekend without disappointing the interested lot. The very purpose of going to a theater has gone through changes to a great extent.

A few years ago, people went to movies that had some important message to convey or that which was a complete entertainer. But now it is this tension filled life that is making people rush to the theaters for any and all types of movies for they do not look at the importance the movie has in their life but is just looked upon as a much needed 3 hours break. Every theater gets filled up and there is a houseful board hung when comes to some important and worth –watching movies.

Movies for all

When we are getting to so much detail about why people watch movies and what is it that attracts them, there arises a necessity to know and talk about the different types and kinds of movies that have been produced and directed to entertain each and every member of a family.  We have family entertainers, kid`s movies, cartoon movies, horrors, thrillers, adult only, fictions etc… This vast diversification is to present a variety to the onlookers and make them hit the doors of the theaters every now and then. Moreover, the suspense factor in some specific movies keep the viewers glued to their seats till the last and the expectations and desires to have more such movies increase day by day. The best part of any movie is that it gets produced and released in different languages increasing its reach to a wider and larger population. This way the entertainment factor is not missed by anyone considering language as a barrier.

Why movies?

Why not movies? It is just an entertainment wherein people get to forget all their other tensions and stress in life and try to keep their mind, body, and soul composed and calm for the great big three hours. The purpose of any movie is to give that joy feel and tug in people inside the script so that they get to enjoy everything portrayed in it. And another very important factor in watching a movie is you get to be with your family and friends for a short period. It enhances the feel of togetherness. Of course even the others like a meet up in a park or a dinner meeting is going to give the same feel and joy but being together for a movie is completely a different feel.

Can you imagine a life without movies, theaters and malls or three mobiles? Not possible at least for the present generation for it has become an inevitable part of life.